Some people like to know what the instruments used are.  In no particular order :

  • Martin 00-18 guitar (1970)
  • Saltarelle Connemara III 2½ row melodeon
  • Cajun accordion (melodeon) in C by Marc Savoy of Eunice, Louisiana
  • Pigini P36 Pro 72-bass piano accordion (standard P36 with Murray Grainger’s customised regulation and other tweaks)
  • Oakwood hammered dulcimer
  • Jeffries C/G anglo concertina, kindly loaned by its owner, Ian Wheeler, who also loaned me his bodhran (mine having split owing to inexcusable neglect).
  • Crane system duet concertina by Wheatstone, originally a Salvation Army instrument which used to belong to one of my church members, long since deceased, Arthur Hodgkiss.
  • a couple of Generation whistles
  • one of the original low D whistles made for me by Bernard Overton in about 1976.  I think they now sell as ‘Chieftain’ whistles.
  • Yamaha P120S midi digital piano
  • Various other sounds use the Xpand! samples in Avid’s Pro Tools.
  • Apart from the bodhran, percussion is created using FXpansion’s BFD2 software.

The album was recorded over a period of three months using Pro Tools 10 software, AKG C1000 and Behringer B2-Pro studio mics and a Focusrite Saffire digital interface.  It was mastered by Turan Audio.

A couple of months ago I was selling a Savoy accordion in G on Ebay.  I hastily recorded four tune clips on it and posted them up here.  I thought I’d leave them up : Savoy_G_Accordion.  It’s now with a happy owner in Sheffield.