the CD comes in a jewel case with full sleeve notes.  I have not yet found a satisfactory way of offering the album as a download.

If I can put one in your hand, I’ll be pleased to sell you a CD for £10.  It’s also available for £10 at the Truck Store, the independent music seller, corner of Rectory and Cowley Roads, East Oxford.

I’ll be happy to mail you a CD if you either use the PayPal link immediately below or send a cheque to me at 69, Victoria Road, Oxford OX2 7QG, payable to ‘R.C.Wolff’.  Price is £12 : that includes (1st class) P&P and (60p) PayPal charges.

If your order is for anything other than a single CD sent within UK, please use the relevant ‘Buy Now’ buttons below (not above).

  • £23.80 for 2 CDs 
  • £34.10 for 3 
  • £44.50 for 4 CDs 
  • £13.90 for Europe 
  • £14.90 for US or Australia 
  • in the unlikely event you are ordering more than one CD for overseas please drop me an email at dick[at] (at = @) to say how many, then work out the Royal Mail rates, add £0.81 for packaging and PayPal charges, and fill in the total amount (missing out the currency sign) you are paying here : 

The album was released for sale in early July 2012.