The Album

My first entirely solo album : it’s been a long time in the gestation, and the ‘About Me’ link gives an idea why.  A three-month sabbatical from my job provided the opportunity.

It’s an album with a couple of themes running through it.  The ‘green’ is about gardens, The Garden (of Eden) and ‘Green Men’.  The ‘gold’ is money and riches.  But there’s a deeper linking theme, too, which you can follow on the ‘Theme Link’ button.

On this site you will find information about the songs (‘Songs’ button), samples to listen to from each of the tracks (‘Listen’), info about the instruments, and a page to write comments and reviews that others can read, and where you can ask questions that, hopefully, I can answer.

On the ‘Buy’ page you can order and pay for a copy.  I haven’t found a satisfactory way of offering it for sale as a download as yet.  The album is scheduled for release at the beginning of July.

a Green Man in Ely Cathedral